Developed & Hosted applications

NISLAB is currently developing, maintaining and/or hosting the following applications. All deployed Web applications are hosted at

Research Tools

Application Description
NUTR.IHU Questionnaires Secure questionnaire development and deployment platform
BigO Image Annotation Tool A local file-based, privacy-aware image annotation tool
Nutrient – Under Development An advanced dietary assessment web application for use in educational and research
StarFoodDB (*FDB) – Under Development A universal semantic model, database and API for describing food, nutrients, portion
sizes and other information relevant to Nutritional Sciences
GR-FDB – Under Development A user- and machine-understandable compilation of Greek Food Composition Tables using

Teaching and Infrastructure Support for NUTR.IHU

Application Description
e-CLASS Asynchronous learning management system based on Moodle
NUTR.IHU.GR Website Multi-lingual, mobile-friendly website with custom WordPress plugins
NUTR.IHU Asset Management (Internal Use)
Asset management system for tracking equipment and sensors during data collection actions, based on