The Nutrition Information Systems Laboratory (NISLAB) is an established research unit (Gov. Gazette 4189 Β’/29-09-2020) of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics of the International Hellenic University.

Research activities

NISLAB is an interdisciplinary university research group studying the design, development and effect of ICT and Information Systems in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, e-Health and e-Government. The unique, interdisciplinary nature of the laboratory (combination of Computer/IT, Nutrition, Exercise, Health and Social Sciences) enables the staff and the multiple external collaborators to study and promote this rapidly emerging research area from a unique point of view.

Currently ongoing research activities within NISLAB include:

• Nutrition cloud services – Dietary assessment Web applications, APIs and services/endpoints for use in research and educational activities
• Applications and implications of ICT and Information systems in Nutritional Sciences and e-Health / e- Government (Public Health)
• Development and use of advanced IT tools for Personalised Nutrition
• Lifestyle monitoring using wearable sensors and mobile apps
• A universal semantic model, database and API for describing food, nutrients, portion sizes and other information relevant to Nutritional Sciences
• A User- and machine-understandable compilation of Greek Food Composition tables
• ICT models for the automatic monitoring and statistical analysis of the nutritional quality of food over time (a framework towards National Observatories)

Research Projects

The members of the laboratory collaborate in international and national research projects and research groups where the design and use of Nutrition Information Systems is studied, either at the Software (e.g. Web/Mobile Apps), Hardware (e.g. sensors/devices) or Policy level (e-Health / e-Government). In addition to the high scientific level of research in these disciplines, the members of the lab also have many years of experience in authoring research proposals and in designing, studying, implementing and administrating EU research projects in the field.

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Apps & Services

The lab is developing, maintaining and/or hosting Apps & Services for the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics. Many of the apps and services under development are also planned to be used freely by the academic and research community: