The Nutrition Information Systems Laboratory (NISLAB) is an interdisciplinary university research group studying the design, development and effect of Information Systems in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, e-Health and e-Government.

The laboratory is an approved research unit of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics (ΦΕΚ 4189 Β’/29-09-2020) of the International Hellenic University.

Some basic information about current activities can be found below:

European Research Projects

NISLAB is currently involved in the following EU research projects:

Project Description
COSI [EU/WHO]: Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative
BigO [EU/H2020]: Big data against childhood Obesity
PROTEIN [EU/H2020]: Personalized nutrition for healthy living
Connecting Europe Facility [EU/INEA]: Deployment of Generic cross-border eHealth Services in Greece
Health e-ID [EU/HL7]: Development of an eIDAS – OpenNCP Connector for eHealth

Other research activities

– Dietary assessment web application(s) for use in educational and research activities (hosted by the lab and provided free of use to students and researchers)
– Lifestyle monitoring framework using wearable sensors and mobile apps
– A universal semantic model, database and API for describing food, nutrients, portion sizes and other information relevant to Nutritional Sciences.
– A user- and machine-understandable compilation of Greek Food Composition tables
– An ICT model for the automatic monitoring and statistical analysis of the nutritional quality of food over time (National Observatories)

Developed & Hosted applications (

NISLAB is currently developing, maintaining and hosting the following Web applications:

Application Description
e-CLASS Asynchronous learning management system
NUTR.IHU Questionnaires Secure questionnaire development and deployment platform