The Nutrition Information Systems Laboratory (NISLAB) is an interdisciplinary university research group studying the design, development and effect of Information Systems in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, e-Health and e-Government.

The laboratory is an approved research unit of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics of the International Hellenic University.

The new website of the laboratory is under construction and more information about the lab and its activities will be available soon. Some basic information about current activities can be found below:

European Research Projects

NISLAB is currently involved in the following EU research projects:

Project Description
COSI [EU/WHO]: Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative
BigO [EU/H2020]: Big data against childhood Obesity
PROTEIN [EU/H2020]: Personalized nutrition for healthy living
Connecting Europe Facility [EU/INEA]: Deployment of Generic cross-border eHealth Services in Greece
Health e-ID [EU/HL7]: Development of an eIDAS – OpenNCP Connector for eHealth

Other research activities

– Dietary assessment web application(s) for use in educational and research activities (hosted by the lab and provided free of use to students and researchers)
– Lifestyle monitoring framework using wearable sensors and mobile apps
– A universal semantic model, database and API for describing food, nutrients, portion sizes and other information relevant to Nutritional Sciences.
– A user- and machine-understandable compilation of Greek Food Composition tables
– An ICT model for the automatic monitoring and statistical analysis of the nutritional quality of food over time (National Observatories)

Hosted applications (

e-CLASS: Asynchronous learning system based on Moodle