The Erasmus+ Programme supports student mobility for:

  • Studies (Erasmus+ Studies): Encourage students’ (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate) mobility for the purpose of pursuing part of their curriculum studies by attending courses at other European Universities.
  • Erasmus Traineeship (Erasmus+ Traineeship / After Placement): Mobility for students’ practical training in a European institution (university, research center, company, laboratory, and other organizations) in order to practice and develop their professional skills.

All courses in the department are taught in the Greek language.

Relevant information and the necessary documents for student applications are available on the website of the Erasmus Office of Sindos site at the International Hellenic University. At the beginning of each semester, following an announcement on the Departmental website, an informative meeting is held on the opportunities and participation process.

More information is provided every Wednesday at 14:00 by the Erasmus Coordinator of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics:

Calliope Karastogiannidou

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