Τhe Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics is part of the School of Health Sciences of the International Hellenic University (IHU). The department was founded in 1985 (as Department of Nutrition of T.E.I.TH.) and is the first tertiary education department of its kind in Greece. Today, the department offers a modern, interdisciplinary graduate and postgraduate program in Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics based on research, innovation and discovery.

The goal of the department is to educate students on topics related to:

  • The effect of nutrition on the growth, health and longevity of the human body
  • Food composition, technology, processing, handling and legislation
  • Design and preparation of diet plans across the lifespan
  • Diet planning for healthy as well as pathological conditions

Graduates of the department have registered professional rights in accordance with Government Law (36Α/1989).

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